Renegade Redeemed

Renegade Redeemed aka Ryan Steiger was born and raised in San Antonio Tx. As a youth he was captivated with the hip hop culture  throughout all his middle school and high school years. Keeping himself surrounded with like minded people Ryan began to dress the part, learn the lingo, and participate in using drugs and alcohol abuse that the culture exposed him to.

To get a fresh start he and his family moved down south to Poteet, TX. There the drug use continued as he found similar friends. He graduated to cocaine use along with crack cocaine and crystal meth. Enticed by the lifestyle rappers portrayed in their songs and videos, Ryan thought it would be cool to try his hand at music. Thus the rapper Renegade was born. One evening after leaving a house where he picked up some cocaine, he was stopped by the police, which landed him in jail on his first felony charge.

Out on bond he agreed to 3 years probation which turned his felony into a deferred adjudication as long as he kept his end of the deal. Ryan's mother and father were at a rocky point in their marriage because of the path of drugs and alcohol his father chose to take. Leaving her husband behind Ryan and his mother left his senior year at Poteet High School and moved up to Killeen, TX where his older sister who was stationed at Ft. Hood. He quickly blended in with the party crowd and stayed on the path to destruction which landed him in jail once again. Believing finishing school wasn't an option for him, Ryan dropped out and pursued the workforce to keep money in his pocket and his addictions paid for. His mother and father reconciled which brought Ryan's father up to Killeen to live with them and things between his father and his father's step daughter went south. Ryan's mother, father and him moved into a one bedroom duplex along with his sister who moved next door which was also a one bedroom in another town in the area and this is where his mother reached the final breaking point with her husband. She gave her husband an ultimatum, either get help or I want a divorce. Ryan's father chose to get help because he loved his family but knew he couldn't change on his own. The place they found was a spiritual growth center which offered drug addicts and alcoholics to stay within their felicity and partake in their program to getting cleaned up, this place was also a church. After a period of time being in this program Ryan's father invited his wife and son to visit him and on that day his father invited them to attend church with him that Sunday for service. Ryan's mother very hesitant but with the push of her son it lead them along with her son's girl friend to attend that Sunday to see her husband. The day has come and the service began with songs then came to a point they called testimony time. His father was called to the front where he grabbed the microphone and spoke of why he was there. Then Ryan's father spoke of the change he underwent by giving his life to Christ and being redeemed from sin. God was real and saved his soul and now he is on the road to glory. The eyes and ears of his son, sons girl friend and wife were open to amazement. Then God Almighty met with Ryan that day and opened his eyes to the truth because knowing the kind of man his father was, if God was able to change him, then He has to be real. Ryan at a point in his life knowing his ways weren't working asked God if your real then change me and I will follow you. Ryan gave his life to Christ that Sunday at the end of 2009 where God began a change in his heart and now Ryan has been on the road to Eternal Life ever since. Formally known as Renegade he now understood the gift he was given of rap music and started using it for God's glory, so Renegade Redeemed was birthed. R.E.N.E.G.A.D.E. – Redeemed. Exceedingly. Now and Evermore. by God's. Abundant. Divine. Edification. - Renegade Redeemed Started 4eva Redeemed Ministries in 2010 as a music Ministry but then lunched a Ministry / Record Label with in 4.R.M. Called Kingdom Grind Music in 2013. The vision behind 4.R.M. is a collection of Ministries aimed in their own fields to glorify Christ and see souls saved through the specific field of Ministry God puts on his heart to launch. He now travels wherever the Lord leads him and uses his testimony and music to reach the lost and see the Kingdom of God advanced.