I am an artist with a story to tell. While many artists make music that sticks to a single story or a single feeling, it doesn't convey the true story of life. Life isn't all bad, and it's also not all good. So bad, good, or terrible that's the art that I'm going to produce, because it's who I am. Because; this is truth!I come from a strong church background and till this day I am a believer and carry a strong passion for seeing lives changed through God's love for us. Growing up, I often saw people who acted as if their lives were all well knitted together, as to put up a front.  A trait I came to learn being labeled as a pastors kid. I came to notice myself doing this with the people closest to me and eventually with God. Through my Journey of music I hope for others to see the raw and uncut so they know that their is someone walking beside them in this journey of life. Now for the boring stuff!! I was born in Mississippi and a year after I was moved to Louisiana .. Yup I'm a military kid. Through the course of moving all over the world since the people I knew changed almost every year, music became my constant, I took it everywhere, to sleep, to school, the car, Europe, England, Romania and everywhere else.  It's part of the reason I am who I am. At the age of 8 years old I got my first drumset and quickly taught myself to play, and at ten years old I took piano lessons. By the age of thirteen I was playing in the church. When I was sixteen I taught myself to play guitar while in Germany. During that time I learned how to make beats sneaking my mom's Ipad to school to make instrumentals on garage band. Little by little more people were impressed and my family encouraged me to pursue my passion for music. When I was seventeen I started my own band to play with for fun. With the Grace of God we landed a few gigs and played our hearts out. After I graduated we went our separate ways due to moving but still keep in touch till this day. I now pursue my art as a solo artist using all my gifts of the arts that God has given me to glorify God. Then God allowed me to meet KGM, and I’ve already learning so much. So now a new journey begins!!