Mz. Jamie

Growing up as a young child, singer/rapper/songwriter MZ. JAMIE lived in a broken home. At the age of 4, her mother and father decided that divorce would be the best option for their marriage but did not consider the lifetime effect that this would have upon their young daughter's life. Shortly after her parents divorce, MZ. JAMIE'S father remarried, giving both his daughters a new step mother. Throughout the years of MZ. JAMIE'S childhood while living with her father, she was sexually abused by her older sister and mentally abused by her step mother. As a military family, they moved from state to state, and it became very difficult for her to make friends at school. She was often bullied due to her struggling eye sight and frizzy hair. At the age of 11, MZ. JAMIE'S family made the move to Killeen, TX where her father retired from the military. Throughout her middle and high school years she became influenced and discovered her passion for music especially with the genres of Hip Hop and RnB. Trying to express her gift of song to her family, she was faced with the harsh truth that her family did not support her and often at times was told by her older sister and step mother that she was not good enough. After graduating from high school she was convinced by her family that joining the military would be the only and best option for her and for her future and she was told to leave her silly passions behind her. In the summer of 2008, she enrolled into a delayed entry program to enter into the Air Force in 2009. While waiting, in October 2008 she met Renegade (now known as Renegade Redeemed) and they fell in love. She realized through the rapper Renegade that her passion truly was music and did not want to continue her choice of joining the military. This unfortunately caused a family feud and she was convinced by her step mother and father that if she did not continue her plans for the military they would consider her a failure at life. Leaving her passions, dreams, and new love behind, MZ. JAMIE entered into the military in February of 2009. During her short time of training she felt there could not really be a God that loved her after all and because she felt that if life was filled with so much hurt, unhappiness, and disappointment then what would be the point of even living at all. This was when she attempted the unthinkable, suicide. After almost overdosing on a collection of prescription drugs MZ. JAMIE was rushed to a military hospital to be treated and by September 2009 she was discharged out of the military. With no support or understanding from her parents, MZ. JAMIE stayed with her boyfriend Renegade and his family in their 1 bedroom duplex. Still tormented by her own thoughts and feelings MZ. JAMIE continued to attempt to hurt herself. This is where their relationship took a turn for the worst. Not only were they starting to argue and fight more, but Renegade's parents were on the brink of divorce due to the severe influence of drugs and alcohol on his father. Renegade's mother thought it was best if his father moved out and he entered into a local spiritual growth center. One month passed before hearing from Renegade's father and he invited his family including MZ. JAMIE to visit one of the Sunday services. Very hesitant but curious, they all agreed to visit unprepared and not knowing what to expect. Everyone's heart was so moved by the genuine change they saw in Renegades father and by the sermon that was preached, Renegade dedicated his and his mother rededicated her life to God and Jesus. MZ. JAMIE on the other hand had never heard the gospel of Jesus preached before. While growing up, her parents only went to church on Easter and usually did not stay long for the service. Hearing about Jesus for the first time and of his love and sacrifice, overwhelmed her and her heart began to harden. She did not understand that if God and his son Jesus were real then why was her life full of so much hurt and rejection especially from her own parents? Later that evening, alone in her restroom full of sadness and tears, she poured out her heart to this "Jesus" and she began to challenge his love. Her desire was to truly encounter God herself and not from anyone else. Her test to truly find out if God was speaking directly to her was to ask him if he would heal her from a disease she caught while in the military. With a hardened heart but still hopeful, she asked God to heal her of this shame and if he did she would know that he was truly forgiving and that the sacrifice of Jesus was real. Less than 5 days later MZ. JAMIE was completely healed and felt the overflow of Gods love upon her. She immediately dedicated her life to Jesus and to serve him how ever he saw fit. Since November 2009 MZ. JAMIE and her now husband Renegade Redeemed have become a wrecking ball force for Christ using their music to give glory to Him and to reach others with broken backgrounds.