Cold Front

Artist Daniel Blackellar which goes by the name "Cold Front" was originally born in Brooklyn NY and now resides in Killeen TX also known for Fort Hood TX. Cold Front always felt he had something missing in his life because he always seen his friends with family and both parents in the home. His mom tried her best to raise him into a man as much as she knew how. It was a hard period in Cold Fronts life when he found out his Dad got Deported from the U.S; he was devastated. He started getting into more trouble in school and always being a class clown to bring his state of mind into a place of peace and happiness. In the year 2009 Cold Front tried living for God because he didn't want to Go to Hell and he knew his ways was wrong, so he stop Crip and Hood handshaking friends. Funny thing is it wasn't the right motives and he missed the lifestyle. Long story short He started Rapping and fell in love with the art of Hip Hop 2 months before having a supernatural experience with God. Rapper Cold Front got saved (SEPTEMBER 23rd 2012) and caught on fire for the Lord. Cold Front received God while he was high in his room off multiple blunts. Ever since that day Cold Front just wants to work in Gods "WILL" and bring our Abba Father all the Glory. Cold Fronts desires changed and he was no longer the same person anymore. Two years later he joins a Label/Ministries with some brothers and sisters in Christ called "K.G.M" with the Desires of God and to seek change in every area of life. 

Hope you all got a little incite on Cold Fronts life in a very brief Biography. As you follow me you will see my life and testimony until the day i leave and love forever in the presence of God.