4eva Redeemed Ministries is a collection of ministries in their own fields aimed to glorify Christ and win souls for the Kingdom of God. Renegade Redeemed and Mz. Jamie - AKA - Ryan and Jamie Steiger, the ministers God has entrusted with leadership over these ministries, were called in 2010. Since then, they have been focused on 4.R.M.'s first ministry which is the music ministry/record label Kingdom Grind Music, and they will continue to launch new ministries in the future by God's grace. Their aim is to always glorify Christ in every new endeavor because it's all about Jesus and they want to reach as many people as they can by using every tool possible. They welcome anybody who is called to ministry, whether it be in music, outreach, etc., to join side by side with them and come together as one, knowing the body of Christ is one but made up with many parts. 4.R.M. wants to make sure that every part of the body of Christ is being used for the purpose  God intended. Thank you again for visiting our website and pray you would share what you see here with the world. God bless.